Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another cold night

Hi everyone,

The cold last night morphed into an equally cold morning.  How cold?  This cold -

Frost or not, I had to be up early enough to give the dog a walk and make up some food for him, so up I got.  The dog did at least seem to enjoy going for a walk with me and my mug of English Breakfast ... 

although the temperature actually dropped a bit more!

The day at work was unremarkable.  I went to see mum at the hospital after work.  She was eating well although I got the feeling she was a little flat after a few days of slow progress.

I headed back to the farm afterwards to give the dog another walk and then feed him.  Made myself a big lettuce, tomato and turkey bacon salad for dinner.

Time to sleep.  Hope you're all doing ok! 

1 comment:

  1. Seeing those pic of COLD makes me shiver. I LOVE the heat. But everything comes to an end. I know winter is coming..DREAD. Hope your mum has some progress. Keep her spirits up!