Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lots of family day.

Hi everyone,

Today got off to a good start with Second Oldest Sister and I being the first ones out of bed and having breakfast.  Oldest Sister Economist had brought down a bag of Vietnamese coffee that she recommended and I brewed it up.  It was as good as she'd said: rich and strong, but not bitter.

I took the dog fur his morning walk and meanwhile Little Sister and Oldest Sister Economist got underway.  I had a Skype date lined up with Grace and Rachel and so they got to see their aunts all in one go.  It was adorable: the girls were pleased to see them and as natural as could be.  And, I think all my sisters were happy to see them as well.  Family is a beautiful thing.

About midday we headed in to town and the hospital.  Mum was a bit like she had been yesterday: hand a little bit stronger and leg supporting her weight.  She was still in good spirits and really did seem happy to have seen all of us.

The two older sisters began their drives home from the hospital and Little Sister and I came back to the farm.  I tackled a few chores, but for some reason I was feeling a bit blue and feeling like 4pm on a Sunday was like the ultimate rag-end of time: too early to eat and too late for a long run

In the end I took the dog for a walk.  Clouds were covering the sky horizon to horizon and I was feeling like everything was waiting on something.

While I was walking to dog I found a spike that I'm sure would have been used in a stayrail.  I mention it as it looks for all the world like the classic images of the crucifixion.  I think it would be a good memento mori to keep it close and think on something faith-related.

That about covers it for today.  Hope all's well with you!

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