Friday, 28 October 2016

... and I'm running again.

Hi everyone,

Quick update from here on a Friday evening.

It hasn't been as exciting a couple of days as one might have thought.  Wednesday I took the maternal unit in to the hospital for an appointment.  In the afternoon I finally bit the bullet and started counting calories again.  I haven't gotten badly fat, but I've certainly gone downhill.  That has to stop: everything in my life might be going to pot, but I want to stay in control of what I can.  Naturally I finished the day out with a run.  Far slower than my usual pace but I have to start somewhere.

Thursday was a day that was heavy on the buildup.  I typed the minutes of the Unit Management Team meeting earlier this week, along with some notes for the unit meeting before training that night.  I wasn't going to be there myself, as I was booked to go over to Benalla for a meeting of the Controllers in our area.  It went well and productively, although partway through the evening I started getting messages that two of the more senior members had been bickering ferociously over some minor issue.  These are the difficulties of leading people of strong character: every so often disagreements take on a life of their own.  I've hosed it down today as best I was able (I suspect not terribly well) and I'll let it go a couple of days before I start trying to sort the root issue out - that'll leave people enough time to cool down and engage in a little mature re-evaluation.

On a related note, I think I've got time for one further bit of volunteering in my life and I'm seeing what's available.  I was interested in the Coastguard, but the nearest flotilla is an inland one and 90 minutes away.  Suggestions?

Today was another day on the move.  Long walk for the dog, and then a little quality time with the computer to report to Centrelink and look for jobs (insert bitter laughter here).  I went in to Shepparton in the afternoon to run a few errands and pick up a copy of today's Shepp. News (which has the job ads in it).  Out for another run in the late afternoon.  I only meant to go about 8kms and wound up going a bit further.

I'm not sure how this weekend will go.  It's a de facto four day weekend, with Cup Day coming up.  Lord knows if this means we'll be getting rescue callouts.

Not much more to add at this point.  Time to post this and call it a night I think.

Hope your days are going well.

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