Saturday, 8 October 2016

Helping north of here

Hi Everyone,

Another weather-themed day.  Which is a little surprising because the day itself was sunny, calm and pleasant.

I spent the morning with the old boy and former brother in law putting a weighing platform in the cattle crush.  It was good to get that job done finally.  If you can't measure things, there's no way of knowing if you're doing them properly or not.

A little before midday a pager message came out asking for volunteers to got and help Numurkah SES with preparation for anticipated flooding along the Murray at Barmah.  That area isn't overly well served by river gauges and floods easily, so the Service wanted to go on the front foot.  It promised to be a good afternoon's work, as we'd be working with teams from Rutherglen SES and our neighbours from Murchison SES.

In the event, the work wasn't too onerous: we were asked to take a number of bales of sandbags up to Barmah, and the Murchison team were sent to do flood reconnaissance and to retrieve a lighting trailer. 

Everybody has a different opinion on how bad the flooding might be, but the pundits at the Incident Control Centre seem to think it could get bad and I'm happy to assume they're right.  Certainly it's a lot easier to go get a few bales of unused sandbags than to deliver them if half the countryside is underwater.

         Railway bridge over Molonglo River showing flood damage after July 1922 floods
National Archives of Australia: A3560, 228

Things could in any event get bad tomorrow, flooding or no.  A cold front is expected to cross the state and bring very strong winds with it.  My area is one of those that's expected to be affected, which makes me think I could be out a bit tomorrow cutting trees off roads.  Because the ground is so wet it takes very little to tip trees over, and sometimes nothing at all: the other night was dead calm, but two tree jobs came in for different areas.

On that note, I need to check up on how my friends in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas are faring with Hurricane Matthew.  Terrible how badly it seems to have affected Haiti.  I know there are all sorts of problems with foreign aid and aid programs, but surely it isn't beyond the capacity of the West to help people without a bunch of unintended problems?

No more for now: I need to wrap up and go home.  Hope the weather is calm wherever you are!

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