Saturday, 1 October 2016

More warnings

Hi everyone,

Short update tonight.  There's not much to report.  For the first time in ages I haven't been out and about today.  Although the day has still been SES-heavy.  I'm not going to lie: I'll be glad when the weather settles down later in Spring.

I woke up to a day that was cloudy and constantly threatening to rain.  I started doing some Service paperwork just after breakfast - making arrangements for our members or those of the auxiliary unit to do a recce at a house that's under particular flood risk, checking the Bureau of Meteorology river gauge levels that are of concern, filing our outstanding incident reports and so on.  Through the morning I also had a call from the Regional office confirming that the Broken River is expected to reach moderate flood level, so could we go check out a particular house that's at risk nand if necessary arrange suitable response.
I finally got away from it all in the afternoon for a few hours, rolling up decrepit fencing wire, after it was confirmed that our Unit Duty Officer and one of our very experienced crew leaders were heading out to recce the house I mentioned and to assess their risk.  I got on with farm stuff as best I could, despite half expectng to be called out to lay down sandbags, but it meant I was a bit distracted for most of the afternoon.

We're likely to be busy tomorrow: as well as ominous flood warnings, there's a storm warning for the fringes of our district as well.  I have an uncomfortable 'never rains but it pours' feeling.

Plan Image

Not much more to add.  Did I mention I was knocked back for the job as a seasonal firefighter?  No matter.  We just push on.

More tomorrow.

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