Monday, 17 February 2020

Road to Wollongong: Part I

Hi everyone,

This weekend saw the start of the Road to Wollongong.  I'd decided on a 21-ish kilometre run to see what my pace is over that distance.  I'd have set the run for Sunday, but I was already committed to other things that day and so it was Saturday or never.

The weather made itself known, in the form of 100% humidity and near-constant drizzle with an option on rain.  Anyway, I headed out, since you may as well train in the conditions you might have to race in.  By the third kilometre my sneakers were full of water.  I pressed on through Birrarung Marr, past the Federation bells, and then up the Yarra trail to the Powerhouse Boatsheds.  This meant a quick trip down memory lane for me, to my one brief season as an oarsman countless moons ago.

I turned back  at that point for Church Street and kept going until I hit the Yarra.  Well, actually I stopped short: I didn't know that Church Street came to a dead stop by the Carlton & United Breweries plant.  I weaseled through some residential streets until I found Gipps Street and then picked up the Capital City Trail for the final leg.  By this stage (roughly 15kms) I was feeling the load and hills were a hell of a challenge.  I wasn't even game to free-run down hill on wet ground as I wasn't sure that I could react well enough if I slipped on something.

In the event, my pace was, well, ratchit.  Basically, I need to pare  45 minutes off of this to get back to my best time, and a full hour off this time to feel properly happy with it.  Good thing I like a challenge!

On the plus side, my legs were sore but not smashed afterwards and so I found I'd put up a respectable number of walking miles by the end of the day.  Some of these were to Our Lady's for Mass and then on to the Great Northern for beer.  I take care of body and soul.

So there we have it: I know what I'm running now.  I just need to get fast!

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