Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Road to Wollongong Part III: Stronger

Things are on the improve.  Since my last post the weekend has come and gone.  I needed to head back up to the farm to lend a hand with drenching cattle, which meant a lot of time both on my feet and climbing over the sliprails.  And of course, many miles were walked with the dog during the off-hours.
Fairly representative for both days
Sadly, I couldn’t get time to run while I was up there.

I was fairly stiff in the ankles and tendons when I got back to town for the working week.  It was raining on Monday night and so I couldn’t walk home after work.  I made up for it all with a run home last night on the usual 10km route.  This particular run almost didn’t happen.  We’re going through a mind-bogglingly busy period at work following the departure of one of the firm’s solicitors.  It was 10:30pm when I finally wrapped up for the night.  I decided to run anyway given I need the stress relief: the mental pressure at work has been close to clouding my judgment which can only end very badly.

This isn’t the time of day I was running but it’s roughly the area

In the event it was a good run.  I’d only intended to take it gentle but I found my legs felt strong and my knees and tendons weren’t hurting.  Subject to work, I’ll probably try for 13 kms on Thursday evening and another 21kms at the weekend.

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