Sunday, 28 July 2013

A scrapping weekend...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the absence (again).

It’s been a quiet sort of weekend.  The parents are off down at Flinders until Tuesday, so I’ve had the place to myself.  Which might seem a bit ungrateful given that this was where I could turn to when everything went to pot earlier this year.  Still, there’s a limit to how long you can spend with anyone, and I think another weekend with my mother might have had me climbing the walls.  So, this weekend came just at the right time!

I think I’ve put it to good use, inasmuch as I prepared a photographs-and-documents scrapbook of the visit with the girls.  It’s a project I’d had in mind for a bit, but was putting into practice for the first time.  It didn’t turn out quite how I’d planned, but I know how it can look even better next time!  And today I cut out and pasted into another scrapbook a bundle of newspaper clippings I needed to store - I know it’s a pathetic way to have spent Sunday, but it means an unsightly bundle of old newspapers has now been consigned to the flames.

I skyped with the girls last night.  They were as sweet as ever.  Rachel is more talkative and verbal, even if she was having a meltdown when we first made the connection.  She’ll catch up to Grace quick smart - no doubt in my mind.  I love that they love me too like they do - as if this is the most natural thing in the world.

I gave Mass a pass today.  I know … I’m a bad Catholic … I was just enjoying some alone time and really didn’t want to be ‘on’ again for an hour or so.  I’m pretty sure God understands.  When you think about it, He never gets to be ‘off’.  As Augustus Hill said in Oz, prayer might be the thing that makes God regret the act of Creation: “and now God, who just wanted to talk, is tired of listening”.  Hmm.

Oh, and last night I watched No Country For Old Men before skyping.  It needs more reviewing than I have time (or energy) to do here, but I will definitely do a review, maybe over on the Wordpress blog.  There’s a lot to unpack in it,  Suffice to say for now, though, that it’s a strikingly ‘unfinished’ film: the characters are barely introduced, and the climactic scenes tend to take place out of shot.  Not unlike life, the events are happening, you just happen to be getting to see parts of them.

I guess that’s enough for now.  More tomorrow.

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