Saturday, 20 July 2013

How I didn't become an actor...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the dearth of posts (again).  I guess it's been a bit of a big week.  I'll try and recap the highlights.

Last Sunday was a cool day.  I wrote a couple of letters, including to the girls.  I also managed not to give in to thespian yens...

Let me explain...

So I've had a yen for a while to try and do something in front of the camera.  No, I'm not about to run away to Hollywood and seek my fortune, but it might be fun to be an extra in something, if only to have something more to put on the CV.  So, I set up a profile on (you can laugh any time you like) and I get emails from the site about jobs and the like.  Anyway, last Sunday there was a posting seeking people as extras in a swingers scene in a movie called Mirror of Filth.  I checked a bit, and it did indeed seem to be non-pornographic, albeit rather edgy.  And the auditions and filming were at the weekends, which is obviously critical at present.  I drafted up an email enquiring about the role, and I was about to hit "send".  That's when a little voice in my head reminded me that in about 15 years Grace and Rachel will be wanting to go off to spring break somewhere, and it's going to be difficult for me to tell them to behave themselves when, at some point, I will have had a conversation with them that included the phrase "but Daddy, why weren't you wearing PANTS?".
So instead, I applied for an extras role in a short murder mystery film set in the Gold Rushes.  I'm pretty certain I can keep my pants on in that one!

The week itself was unremarkable: lots of wading through files and setting strategy.  Drinking pots and pots of coffee.  Some divorce paperwork came up which we were able to process efficiently.  I was kind of pleased with myself that dealing with it didn't hurt half as much as it would have done in the past.  I think that's a good sign.

I attended the firm's Friday evening drinks.  I stayed sober and didn't make a fool of myself, although there was some rash talk: I've promised to fry the firm a turkey on the Friday afternoon nearest to Thanksgiving!

It's rained on and off all day today.  I wrote a piece for my legal blog this morning, and in the afternoon made a gumbo with some ingredients I picked up yesterday afternoon.  Not the greatest gumbo - strassburg just isn't smoky enough to give it the right flavour.  But, it was warm and spicy and good on a chilly evening.

Not much more to add: I have a skype date with the girls tonight which I'm looking forward to incredibly.  Will write them another letter tomorrow morning.

More tomorrow.

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