Wednesday, 10 July 2013

While Burning

Hi everyone,

I'm typing this on my phone while burning a bunch of things from iTunes to CDs so I can play them in the car.  I started just by planning to burn some lectures from the law school at Arizona State University (in gratitude: Go Sun Devils!), and then I thought, why don't I put those lectures on astronomy on disc too?  And then... You get the picture.

It's been a good couple of days.  At work, I'm steadily getting into my stride and feeling more together and focused every day.  The other day was pay day, too.  Did that feel awesome? Does Julian Knight have an image problem?

Truth be told, maybe I'm right for plaintiff work after all.  I know it's early days, but I feel, well, energised at work.  Anyway, it feels good and that's good enough for me.  Although, having good coffee -

and a suitably customised computer -

help the attitude quite a bit!

What else?  Well, the other evening I went to OfficeWorks and printed off my bar review course materials.  All 1800-odd pages of them!  

My firm view is that any lawyer who can pass the damn thing deserves to practice.  Although remind me to swat any of those idealistic "Reprieve" kiddies who airily refer to death penalty lawyers as incompetent.  My firm view is in any case that no intern who happens to be a third year law student has any business referring to a practising lawyer as incompetent.

Bitterly cold here at the moment - regularly -1 or so overnight.  Getting out of bed is not fun in the morning!

Forgot to say that cousin Kevin died last week.  Parents going down for the funeral tomorrow (back Saturday).  I feel pretty bad for cousin Christie, to lose his wife and eldest son in about 6 months, even if death was something of a mercy for both of them.  He's anything but young himself, and I wonder if he'll be long in following them.  The old order changeth.  Sic transit gloria mundi.

Not much else to note. Will try to keep the blog more regularly!

More tomorrow.

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