Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday and moonlight

Hi everyone,

Typing this on a Monday night as the light of a just-past-full moon pours in the window.

It's been a fair day.  Developments in one case that will likely take up a big chunk of  the week (including all of this morning and probably most of tomorrow, which will be spent drawing a long affidavit.  Also spent today on the fiddly job of a crimes compensation statement of claim (it's been a few years since I'd done one) and also rattling off a quasi-media release for the firm.

Errands at lunch - pharmacy for meds, post office to send a package to the girls, and Harris Scarfe to get the old boy some more jeans.

Left work lateish because of the statement of claim I mentioned.  This meant I couldn't go for a run which was disappointing.  Will try and replace it with a weights workout before work tomorrow.

Two unrelated things are on my mind a little tonight.  One was the news in the paper that one Stephanie Ryan has been preselected as the National Party candidate for the new seat of Euroa.  Even though this is the next seat over, I found I barely seemed to care, or was even perhaps actively negative.  The other thing is I have a local Law Association thing on tomorrow night.  Regular readers may remember that the last time I went to one of these, it was epically unsuccessful.  I dunno... I guess putting these two things together makes me feel that I'm still just a sojourner here, and have no real roots. And that if I did lay down roots, and started feeling about this place as if it were a home, I'd stop being who I am, and I'd have to become someone I don't know that I want to become..  Hmm.

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage.

Enough for now.

More tomorrow.

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