Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been away a little - it's been a busy few days.

Saturday was, I can say, the highlight.  It was the first of February, which is the girls' birthday.  Joni and I arranged a Skype time, and when I fired it up, she'd made a cake like a big muffin with a "4" shaped candle on it.  We sang 'happy birthday' with the girls and they blew the candle out together.  The girls then opened the presents they were sent by Mum and Kate, which they loved.  Rachel was transfixed by the sliding picture puzzle from Mum, and Grace just loved the photo book from Kate.  Just a perfect Skype, and it meant a lot to me that Joni took the time to set it up like that.

Yesterday was mostly memorable for a cool change finally arriving - a strong, cool breeze blowing all night was positively heavenly after about 8 days of temperatures bouncing around 40C.

Yesterday and today were both good days at work.  The tempo is ramping up but I'm pretty happy about that - feeling better than ever and feeling like a good lawyer again.

I have a new publication, by the way - a piece in the commercial transportation committee newsletter.  And already I see a few ways to leverage it.

So, all in all, feeling pretty good just now!

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