Saturday, 22 October 2011


I suspect I may be doing too much of this...  Still, blogging beats just keeping silent or endlessly talking things over with the voices inside my head on the drive to and from work.

It's a beautiful Sunday.  Mrs T is helping one of our friends clean house, so it's Daddy-Daughter(s) day here.  The girls are napping at the moment; when they wake up I'll take them on an excursion somewhere.  The beach maybe.  Or a brief road trip - me, the munchkins, and Kenny Chesney.

I've had two "awkward" conversations with Mrs T about the move back - one yesterday where I don't actually remember what I said but recall that it was very much gallows humour, and one today where I said how "alive" her mom sounded knowing the girls were coming back.  I guess it must be a pretty conflicted time for Mrs T.  My only excuse is that I'm starting to feel how far away she and the girls will be - now that she's making plans to catch up with friends over there or (for example) to go to the LSU-Arkansas game around Thanksgiving.  It kind of brings home to me how far apart we'll be for a big whack of the next year.  I guess what you'd say is that happy thoughts on the one hand, and gallows humour on the other, are what seem to help me keep my own confidence in what we're doing, and to keep my own morale up.  Still, I know it's a difficult time for her too, so I'll dial it back a bit, and try not to make her feel any bluer than she has to.

And really, it's not as if I should complain.  As I said to her: I'm going to be out here for 6-9 months for economic and immigration reasons.  It's not as if I'm some young National Guardsman who's just received call-up papers for a 6-month tour in Afghanistan.

I just hope she knows how much I'm going to miss her.  I wish she could see herself through my eyes, and see how pretty she is, and how mind-bogglingly blessed I feel that I ever found her.

OK - the washing machine just dinged.  I'll go hang those clothes out and put another load in and then see if the munchkins feel like going on an adventure.

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