Friday, 21 October 2011

Update after ironing

It's mid-Saturday afternoon, and I've just done the week's ironing.

It's been a busier Saturday than it felt so far.  Mrs T took the girls to Chaddy in the morning so I could do a very quick clean before the real estate agent got here for an inspection for prospective new tenants.  Oddly, nobody showed.  So, I had a shower and went to Southland for a much needed haircut.  I met Mrs T coming the other way and we had a quick chat in the road.  Then, I went for my haircut and she came home.

Anyway, I'm now back here, Mrs T is working on her computer, the girls are napping, and I've done the ironing as I said.  It's very heavily overcast and cool outside, and very still.  Which feels about right following a week which was pretty intense psychologically, emotionally and professionally.  It feels good for things to feel at peace.

The sun seems to be over the yardarm.  I think I'll see if Mrs T feels like a drink.

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