Friday, 20 January 2012

Sleepy Friday evening.

Hi everyone

I have to say: there almost wasn't a post tonight. It's 11:20pm and I'm barely awake.  It's been a busy week, and one where an early night proved elusive.  Damn my urge to cook!!!

Today's been good.  I spent part of the morning actioning things from the last few days case reviews, and then shifted to drawing some rapid fire defences which took a big whack of the afternoon, and then rounded out the day with case reviews with my other boss till 6pm.  So, not exciting but very very productive.  Feeling good about it!  Honestly, do I think I was born to be a lawyer?  No.  Do I think that without my legal career I'd be lost and life would lose its meaning?  Also no.  But is it nice to think you're managing a few things without stuffing up, and without your satisfactions being flukes?  That is pretty good.

After work I had a few drinks at the Metropolitan Hotel and the Celtic Club with the folks from work to mark the birthday of a barrister who used to work there.  Honest to God? I've never felt so 'normal' at a social thing.  Not a freak, not a comedian, just a reg'lar guy.  Feels good!  They were going on to the Duke of Kent and then to parts unknown.  I was tired even then, so I bailed and walked to the Bourke Street Mall and got the tram back here.  Dinner was some of the chicken from earlier in the week and the creamy spinach rice.  Still good!  Then, back up to here, a glass of port and watched the tail end of "Maverick" which was about the frame of mind I was in (which says it all if you've seen the movie).  Then  a quick clean up and now blogging.

The plan for the weekend is the State Library tomorrow and then maybe go to the office Sunday.  Not locked in yet, but that's my present thinking.  Joni's given me the green light to tee up skyping times which is great, although for various reasons I think she'll have her hands full this weekend, so in the message I sent her it'll be on a "is this a good time?" basis if we are indeed online at the same time.  Fair enough.

OK, I'm nodding off here.  Bedtime.

See you tomorrow.

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