Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Back into it

Hi everyone,

Here I am, starting this post on the tram to work in the morning.  How are things with you?

It's actually been a quiet couple of days so far this week: work ... run ... sleep ... repeat.  No, really, that's pretty near all of it.  Well, save that I scored one small piece in the Magnolia (Arkansas) Reporter the other day, with at least one other possible piece coming up.

Last night I was at the office late and, needing a break, began drafting another longer piece and wound up writing all of it, about the recent secession talk post-election.

Today will be hectic. Ths morning I'm off to court to get judgment in the County Court matter I ran last week. I also have two advice to settle and a defence to draft. And our department Christmas lunch is this afternoon: the Outlook invite blocked out all of the afternoon.  Genuinely uncertain whether I'm pleased about that or not!

Ok, nearly my stop. More later.

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