Sunday, 30 December 2012

By night at Shepparton

Hi everyone,

I'm drafting this by phone at the property at Shepparton. All being well it'll automatically upload when I'm out and about tomorrow.

Today's been spent on the move. In the morning we readied the truck to come up here and get some steers.

We were on the road a little before 11:00am. Traffic not bad in the city; we stopped at Watsonia for $5.00 worth of chips -

and were up here about 3:30pm.  I drove for a bit of the way, which was 'interesting'. Notwithstanding that I have a heavy vehicle licence, I haven't driven a truck in years.  I'd forgotten how vague the gearbox is, and how sharp air brakes can be!

Once up here we checked over the other stock and brought the steers up and penned them in the yards with a roll of hay to keep them quiet and content overnight.

There was also enough time in all that to water mum's roses, take assorted photos -

and scribble a few ideas for an article. Dinner and bed.

There's more i'd like to say, esp re the Situation, but it'll keep for now. Falling  asleep.

See you tomorrow.

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