Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lunch update

Hi everyone,

Short update over lunch.  Lord but it's been difficult to get properly in motion this morning (although I think that more than anything reflect having been up till 2:30am skyping with the girls last night).  It was a great skype.  It seems like Rachel has found her voice and is really talking now.  And Grace is as gabby as ever.  She was happily playing with the music box my mother sent her and looking lovingly at the little rotating ballerina and saying how beautiful she was.  I'll relay that to Mum in a minute - she'll be so pleased.  I'm assuming Joni hasn't sent a "thank you" to Mum.  Sadly, the phrase "thank you" doesn't seem to be part of her vocabulary any more.  If I sound disappointed it's because I am.  For so long I wanted to believe she was capable of better.

Will make a follow up call to a prospective employer after lunch.  Getting worried that I reek of burn-out!  And I guess I do feel a little lost, although being short of sleep may have a bit to do with that today as well.  I guess if all else fails, I'm still young enough to run away and join the Foreign Legion (so wikipedia tells me), although that is kind of a drastic way of achieving a life-reboot!

I guess that's enough for now.  More this evening.

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  1. So disappointing that she'd not say a proper thank you for such a sweet gift. No one has manners anymore. Makes me so irritated!