Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A book and a dinner

Hi everyone,

It's been a remarkably successful day here in my world.

There was some rain last night and the warm air hung about into the morning, which meant getting underway this morning didn't take an effort of will.  Hurrah!

On arriving at work I found I had an email from FEMA confirming that I'd passed the online subject I tackled yesterday.  They offer a stellar range of emergency services courses so I can see myself doing a lot more - this afternoon I managed to find time to tackle the HazMat course as well.

The morning was taken up mostly with a somewhat knotty irrigation dispute and sorting out a billing issue.  At lunch I went for a walk to the opp shop, which lead to my second win of the day: picking up a pocket New Testament for the princely sum of $2.00.  What made this special is that it (a) is in very good condition and (b) was printed in 1855.  It's a beautiful little thing and I think I'll put it by as a future Confirmation gift for the girls, perhaps. 

The evening was spent in the Legal Unit's mid year dinner.  As always, I had mixed feelings: my workmates are good and friendly people, but regular readers will know how I tend to feel about social things and how I don't care for talking about myself much.  I deployed my justly obscure skill of dodging conversation (the knack is in always looking like you're just about to say something in response to what someone else is saying: this means that people will tend to either leave you alone and go back to their own conversation, or interrupt you - if your goal is not to talk much at all then either will do).

Dinner itself was very good and had plenty of flavour, and the Boss certainly knows how to select a good wine.  By the end I was rather craving something simple and swapped out desert for a cup of English Breakfast tea.  It was a surprisingly good way to end the meal - I must do it more often!

There was just enough time for a quick workout at the gym after dinner.  Really good session: I especially enjoyed the turbo cycling workout from Wellbeats.

And now, bed.  Hope all is well at your ends too!

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