Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Into the Ark

Hi everyone,

Probably a God-bothering post this evening.

On the drive home tonight I was listening to PM and, as usual, was finding it disheartening.  Eventually I switched over to ABC-FM for something more uplifting. I know that news and current affairs is important, of course, but it seems more and more repellent in a way.  Politics in any given country and system seems to be a playground for criminal carelessness, and sometimes for frank criminality.  In society more generally, deeply held values don't seem to reflect real beliefs as much as they reflect passing fashion or pet prejudice.  The stewardship of the world reminds me of nothing so much as letting an scatterbrained chimpanzee run an art gallery or a museum.

This lead me to read the story of Noah in Genesis the other night. Maybe the message of that tale is that there will be times in the life of believers when it really is legitimate to pull the pin.  That is, to say that the world can go to Hell in a Handbasket if it's determined to, but I'm going to go into my (metaphorical) ark and wait; when the flood passes I'll
come out and help you rebuild.

What do you think? Is it ever legitimate just to bail on society and wait till things improve?

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