Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Frost and books

Hi everyone,

An even chillier morning to kick off the day today.  Lord but it felt cold!  The drive to work took me through a lot of frost and fog: I can tell you that speed wasn't a priority.

In most respects it was a quiet day: a couple of knotty disputes to come up with a way forward in.  I'm using more of my brain though, which is rewarding.  The last job of the day involved reading the fairly technical judgment of Dixon J in Parisienne Basket Shoes Pty Ltd v Whyte (1938) 59 CLR 369, a case from the 1930s, which will either support or snooker a particular argument I want to make.

The evening has been quiet: dinner and TV, I'm afraid, and then reading.  I'm finding that The Purpose Driven Life is lovingly written, if a little shallow so far.  Worth going on with though. Quod bonum tenete.  And naturally I'm enjoying the challenge of digesting quantities of rescue training material.

Not much more to add just now.  Hope all is well at your end!

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