Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A ramble in town

Hi everyone,

Another chilly day here in the Valley.

I was on the move a bit earlier than usual to get to the SES shed in Tatura by 8:15am, so as to let the mechanic in to see what could be done about the non-petrol-powered Patrol.  No problem there, and from the shed I went the two blocks up to work.

The morning itself was fiddly, mostly in smallish jobs like paying bills and responding to requests that I update this or that spreadsheet.  Through the morning the legal unit went to an offsite meeting called by the Corporate Secretary at the coffee shop across the road.  Nothing too exciting there - I only mention it as they served a very good chai latte there, which went down well in a chilly day.

Over the lunch-hour I walked back down to the shed to turn the alarm system back on and check it was all locked up.  I should explore this part of the town more often at lunch-hours.  Lake Bartlett, for instance, looks like it'll be a nice place to go run in warmer weather:

On the way back I passed the town's imposing water tower.  I actually find it helpful because it's just beside where I need to turn right to go to work!

After work I headed off to the gym for a quick workout.  Want to keep in the best condition I can.  Back at the farm by about 8:20pm.

Looking forward to sleeping tonight - very cold and tired.

Hope you're all doing well! 

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