Thursday, 16 July 2015

Get Lost!

Hi everyone,

After last weekend's automotive tour de force, some of you may have been wondering 'what will the world's worst driver do for an encore?'.  I have an answer.

I got lost.

After SES training tonight I noticed I was a bit low in fuel and headed into Mooroopna, where the nearest 24-hour servo is (a BP, if you're wondering).  I knew there was a sign for Toolamba from there, so off I went, thinking it should intersect with the usual road I take to get home from work.  It probably does, but on the way I was seeing signs I didn't recognise and decided I must have gone too far.  I turned to the east on the first road I could, thinking that I had to run into the Goulburn River or a sign for Toolamba (or, ideally, both) sooner or later.

I passed though a rough looking gate and continued on a really rough road-cum-trail-cum-goat-track in among some bushland.  I thought it seemed like a road (albeit a rough one) and that if I kept going north I had to hit a proper road eventually.  This is one of the less evil sections -

Several twists and turns later I was hopelessly lost and suspected I was going in circles, and suspected I was about to get my little sedan bogged.  I gave in and looked up the map on my phone.  Gotta say: it wasn't finding any path through the trees.

In the event, I just kept trying to get the blue dot closer to the stub of the end of the road until I finally saw the way out.  Hooray!  In the other hand, I was still kind of lost.  I wound up driving back to Tatura to turn around and get back to here.  There you have it: a 25 minute trip that took nearly two hours and a quarter-tank of fuel.

Only me!

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