Saturday, 12 September 2015

Farm Saturday

Hi everyone,
Saturday indeed!  The day started with just a little chill in the air and rapidly warmed up to a gorgeous Spring day.
The day also warmed up to some rather mucky jobs for me: it started with getting the stock crate off the now-canaried truck and scraping up the carpet which was on the tray of the truck (to give cattle a better grip on the floor) so that it could be taken away and burned.  I then shovelled off the remaining manure from the tray and put it in the compost bins.  Later in the day I also cleared the wood-ash out of the fireplace and put it in for composting as well.
Little sister came up late last night.  She had a lot of things she wanted to do in Shepparton today and so Dad and I went in separately to pick up various odds and ends for returning the truck to a roadworthy state.  It's beautiful coming in through Shepparton East with all the blossom coming out in the orchards.
I spent a big whack of the afternoon cleaning off the tray of the truck and also underneath the tray with a pressure washer and a broom.  It certainly looks better.  Late in the afternoon I finally got a chance to take the dog out for the long walk I'd been promising him.  The photos I took on this outing came out pretty well -

I love the way thick clouds look in flat country at the end of the day

Clouds all lit up by the setting sun.

The horizon on fire

I hope all your Saturdays are going well!

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