Sunday, 20 September 2015

My life at work...

Hi everyone,
Finishing out the day at work.  What sort of day has it been?  This sort:

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I have to tell you, I was epically demotivated arriving at work today.  My brain simply did not want to work and (in any case) had little enough work to do aside from checking the status of a couple of potential claims, most of which had long since petered out.  Hell, even the drive over seemed to be in slow motion.  The Goulburn River seemed more sluggish than usual -
- and I found myself stuck behind a truck carrying earthmoving equipment.
I took some time to look for a few other jobs and registered my details with a private company providing disaster-recovery services.  I have some doubt anything will come of it, but you never know.  Honest to God, I've spent the day largely looking for jobs to do.  It'll give you some idea of the situation when I say that I'm alarmed that I'll need to give about half of the work I do have to the high-school kid who's here on work experience!
The high-point of the day was going down to Lake Bartlett to have my lunch and read a bit in the open air.  What kills me is that the higher-ups must think I'm lazy, when the truth is that I genuinely have very little to do, and when I ask for extra work I have a distinct feeling of being given make-work jobs.
I have no idea what I'll find when I head back to the farm later.  Maybe Michael will have come back to Little Sister.  Maybe he'll have come over and thrown a large public tantrum.  I honestly have no idea.
Will no doubt post more tonight.  Hope all is well at your ends.

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