Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Out on a job!

Hi everyone,
I had some excitement here last night.  I meant to write this post then but I fell asleep!
Last night I got back to the farm at about 7pm and watched a bit of the Win News.  It had just finished when my pager went off to tell me that there was a missing child at Shepparton.  Well, back to town I went.
The police recounted that a young lad had been getting picked on at school that day.  He'd had a bit of a brain explosion and taken off on his bike that afternoon.  Anyway, when it got dark his parents had called the police, who had then activated Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad and Tatura SES (and, as it turned out, the Numurkah and Benalla SES units too).

The various services all got on with searching the orchards and vacant lots in the area, with Tatura SES searching the large vacant lot near the Sikh temple.  We were doing our second pass back across it when news came through that the young lad had turned up miles away!  He'd pedalled a good long way, but when it got dark and started to get cold he'd found a door to knock on to ask if he could ring home.
However you look at it, it's a good outcome: much better that he just feels like a bit of a twit than that he'd stayed out on a sub-zero night and come to harm.  And, I don't think it does any harm for units to get mobilised now and again either.  For one thing, it was a first turnout for two of our newly operational members.
Anyway, it was good to get out on a job last night.  Great to pull the overalls on in anger, as it were!

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