Friday, 11 September 2015

Avocadoes and Strawberries

Hi everyone
Hope your days are starting out well.  It's been a moderately eventful Friday for me.
I was on my feet early and headed in to Shepparton to see the dentist just before work.  He gave me a clean bill of dental health and had me book in for another appointment in 6 months.  Flossing and mouthwash work well, no?
On the way from there to work I stopped, somewhat cautiously, in Mooroopna to pick up a few things.  Why cautiously?  Because a few people live or work in that town who I could not really say are exactly my friends.  Herein one of the problems of being a litigation lawyer: you rapidly wind up with more than a few people who hate your guts (when I lived in Melbourne, this was one reason I usually did my grocery shopping at about 10 o'clock at night).  Anyway, my decision to shop there was rewarded by this scene:

Cheap avocadoes and cheap strawberries.  If I didn't already have reason to love Spring, I've got it right here!
At work today I honestly didn't have a great deal to do except follow a few things up.  I mostly prepared for a job interview I had this afternoon for a role in the business that would be a bit more challenging and also a bit better paid.  I have no real feelings about the interview, to be honest: I don't feel I really shone or bombed.
After work I began to drive over to the hospital to see mum when my pager went off: a young lad was trapped at a shopping centre (specifically, he'd gotten his head stuck in one of the rides outside a store)!  As we're the control agency for rescue, my unit was activated, as was the independent rescue unit in Shepparton.  A "person trapped" is a 'Priority One job', meaning all available members are to respond as rapidly as possible.  I went to the shed and we got the truck underway.  We were just outside of Tatura when we were stood down as the boy was freed.  I later traded facebook messages with a friend of mine who is with the independent unit; she said she'd heard that the lad actually freed himself just as they arrived!
When I ultimately got to the hospital mum was in a good mood and looking forward to coming home.  It was great to see her in good spirits.  I picked up some groceries and came back here and whipped up a quick dinner for me and Dad out of mac-n-cheese, tuna and peas, with strawberries for dessert (cordon bleu it was not, but it sure was delicious).  I'm well over my calorie count for today, alas!
Not much more to add.  I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight.

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