Monday, 28 September 2015

While the tea brews...

Hi everyone,
A couple of blogfriends have done some interesting "coffee posts", about things they'd talk about over coffee.  It seemed like an intriguing way to write, so I'm wondering what we'd talk about while a pot of tea was brewing.
While the tea brews ... I'd explain about loading steers to go for sale yesterday.  There were 35 to go onto the truck.  Unusually, they were mainly loaded by the driver and the stock agent rather than by Dad and me.  The most useful thing I did was to buttress part of the yard with a tree branch (in fairness to myself, it was a pretty good repair).
While the tea brews ... I'd note that Dad seemed more tense and uptight than usual for loading cattle (which is a task that raises the blood pressure at the best of times).  I think he's probably more stressed than he's been in years, with mum being sick, the season drying off quickly, water getting short, and Little Sister and Michael hitting the skids.
While the tea brews ... I'd sound you out about jobs.  I'm looking again: I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I don't have much to do most days.  She pointed out that my predecessor in the role had much the same experience, mainly using her time at work to study.  In any case, I can't abide the thought of bring out of work again after April (Shudder).
While the tea brews ... I'd comment that the flipside of the weather drying off is that the nights are warmer and the days are glorious.  There was never a better time to be a runner, and I have a hankering to go and rack up some miles at Noreuil Park in Albury or on the Yarra Trail in Melbourne.
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While the tea brews ... I'd change tack and mention that I had a curious insight the other day.  The pharaoh Tutankhamun's name translates as "Living Image of (the god) Amun".  His original name was Tutankhaten ("Living Image of the Aten", ancient Egypt's short-lived montheistic deity).  To me this leaps out as a parallel of the statement in the Old Testament that God made people in His own image (Genesis 1:26).  I'd probably note that the time of Atenism is roughly contemporaneous with that of Moses (give or take a few centuries), considered by tradition as the author of Genesis.  Depending on whether you looked bored or not I might wonder out loud whether this isn't telling us something about a change in how people saw themselves then.
What would you talk about while the tea brews?

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