Saturday, 26 September 2015

A farm-photo heavy post

Hi everyone,
Another Saturday here in Farm-Werld.  For me it kicked off with breakfast and a load of laundry.  Because every time the machine goes through a drain- or spin-stage it empties a couple of buckets of water, we were ferrying buckets outside for the garden all the while.
Shearing shed
About mid-morning Dad, Michael and I headed over to the property at Violet Town to reconfigure the yards there so the steers can be shipped off for sale.  It's actually not a bad job.  Kind of life size horizontal tetris.
Naturally, some of the stock came down to investigate.  For herd animals, cattle are surprisingly inquisitive!
Dad and I came back a bit early because Mum called me and explained that the deck-chair she'd been sitting in on the verandah had given way and she couldn't get up off the concrete.  She took that surprisingly well, or at least seemed to.  I know that she's pretty down about her limitations.  I guess, like many such things in life, some days she feels like she can live with it, and on other days not so much.
Diesel tank in the afternoon light
While he and I were back here we had lunch, and as we were doing that Michael rang and advised that he'd finished off the yards on his own.  As there was no need to go back, I spent the afternon tackling small jobs here (sweeping a small mountain of sand and dust out of the workshop, getting the dinner underway, peeling potatoes, walking the dog etc etc) and Dad continued to investigate what can be done with the wells on the place.,  Late afternoon Michael came back over for dinner and to stay the night.  Little sister stayed away, which was perhaps just as well for the sake of keeping everyone's stress levels down.
A bit before 6pm I went out for a bike ride, to give my legs a bit of reconditioning after a couple of days running.  The evening was cool and smelled fresh, and the sky was clear so that the sunset painted everything in beautiful colours.
I went up as far as the sealed road.
Flood marker 
 A Shire, with no known hobbits
Everyone took an early night as there was nothing on TV.  I'm catching up on my bloggage and I'll probably sleep too: I've felt tired for a few days now.
Hope you're all doing great!

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