Friday, 4 September 2015

My exciting Friday evening...

Hi everyone,

Friday evening... here I am.  I'm on the couch with The Waterboy playing in the background.  Sorry for the dearth of good blogposts recently.  What with work and everything I've been kind of dropping the ball a bit lately.

Today's been fairly packed.  I had a blood-bank appointment first thing this morning.  That went a little slowly: for some reason the blood wasn't exactly speeding out of the artery.  Anyway, I got that knocked off and then went on to work.  I pretty much worked through to 5pm from there, although truth be told I had to focus my mind on the job: it felt like a scrolling list of technical problems to solve rather than a particular intellectual workout.

I saw mum at the hospital after work.  She seemed in fair spirits but not high.  She has a discharge date from hospital (week after next) which is good, but still far enough away to feel like a long time.

This is another race weekend for me - I'll head down to the Peninsula tomorrow for the Mornington half-marathon on Sunday.  I don't know what's up with me and exercise right now.  I'm in as good a shape as ever, but somehow I feel like the spark is gone.  When I set out for the half last Sunday, it honestly just felt like work.  Maybe I'm just a touch blue about how things are at present - a lot on my mind, what with mum and Grace and Rachel and angling for work and everything.  I'm looking for weekend work to get a bit more money through the door: because the Australian dollar has crapped its pants, supporting Grace and Rachel is soaking up close to three-quarters of my pay, which leaves a few gaps in a few other areas.  I'm also taking the long view to things post April when my contract runs out.  There's not much work up here still, so I'm taking the approach that I'll take a job on the Moon if I have to.  I'm not keen to go through another Goulburn Valley winter, but I'm even less keen to go through another bout of unemployment.  Anyway, if all else fails, it won't be long till fruit picking kicks off again which is ideally suited to weekend work.  Mercifully, God gave me both a good brain AND a strong back!

On the plus side, I should have a bit of time up my sleeve south of the Great Dividing Range tomorrow.  I'm tossing up amongst a run (probably not), bike ride (logistically difficult) and swimming (achievable and probably convenient).

No more for now.  Sorry this post is so scrappy.

Have a great day folks!

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