Sunday, 27 September 2015

Country boy goes running

Hi everyone,
Another day of backroads life.
I slept very heavily last night.  Possibly I woke in the night; I'm not sure.  Apparently Mum fell getting out of bed last night, and Dad had to wake Michael to get her up, as he couldn't manage it unaided.  This is a bad omen.
Shearing shed, this morning
With that in mind, Dad and Michael left me here at the farm to keep an eye on her while they went back over to Violet Town.  It seemed to me to be overkill, but as Mum had no plans to do more than read this morning (thank Christ she retains that power) I headed out to take the dog for a walk and try to pair up some cows with their newly tagged calves. 
I did pretty well with pairing them up, being able to connect 5 confidently (meaning the cow was feeding the calf) and 4 tentatively (not feeding, but together).
The dog certainly enjoyed the outing too, although he's lost some fitness.  He seemed like a happier dog when it was clear we were turning back up for the house.
With the cattle attended to and dog walked I got on with a few other jobs till lunch, over which we watched Landline.  A few more jobs after lunch before Michael headed off.  Getting water from the well is a constant worry now - there's about 15 minutes pumping at best from it.  Dad thinks it might be getting a bit longer; I suspect there's an element of wishful thinking.
Not having any other work to do, I headed out on my Sunday long run about 3pm.  I had no real speed in mind; just a desire to rack up some miles at whatever pace happened to occur.  This low pressure approach suited me fine: it was just a good long run on a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon.
I took the route out past the Miepoll Hall.  I'm always struck by how neat and cared for it looks: Miepoll is barely a village - indeed, it's little more than a few houses, a CFA station and the Hall itself.  Somehow, though, seeing it makes me feel good about the world in general.
Having a good long way to go meant I could keep taking in the landscape.  There are crops out everywhere!  The country looks healthy even though it'll surely dry off quickly.
Dinner was an odds and ends affair.  Dad made himself a sandwich, and Mum and I finished the stew I made in the slowcooker the other night.
No more for now.  Back to work tomorrow of course.  I'll need to leave early to help load some cattle out of Violet Town, although the loading itself won't be difficult (I hope).  There's more that I want to write, but I haven't thought it quite through yet.  It'll keep.
Hope your Sundays are starting well!

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