Thursday, 17 September 2015

Life today

Hi everyone,

I started a post before SES tonight, but I found it was going in an interesting direction. Rather than hurry it to completion, I'll finish it tomorrow.

Today has been generally quiet. At work I was mainly working through the backlog that built up while I was occupied the last few days.  Truthfully the most interesting bit of the workday was going up to Cussen Park to have lunch by the lake up there, then walking the long way back to the office.

Mum was discharged from hospital today, and Little Sister has come up to lend a hand. Sadly I haven't actually seen either of them as yet: it was 11pm when I got home from SES tonight.

Not much more to say of the day.  Oh, apart from that I've applied for a second job as a cleaner in Euroa. A man must make hay while the sun shines.  The hardest part of the application was taking all the professional bits out of my cv: let's be honest, being a lawyer wouldn't make someone likely to hire me!

No more for now.  Hope your days are going well.

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