Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hi everyone,

I‘m on the tram to work. I wanted to rattle off a short little post on a thought that‘s playing inside my head.

As some of you know, this weekend wasn‘t exactly a barrel of laughs. But, I  found myself waking up feeling more at peace than I would have expected.

This had me thinking a paraphrase of, I think it was Chesterton, that the coming of sunrise is a sure sign that God has not yet despaired of us.

This seemed a little too easy though, and then I thought yeah, but how many mornings have you had when you raged against the coming of the light, and when you struggled to face the day.

This left me with a third option: that there‘s no metaphysical significance to the sunrise at all - that it means the world has spun on its axis again, and that‘s it. This seems a little too reductively Dawkinsian for me.

I suppose it‘s really a combination of the (first) two things.  Life being life, there‘s going to be a lot of times where the last thing you want to see is another sunrise. The expression of faith is that you still go out and by your actions treat the day as an occasion for a new blessing even your heart is telling you the exact opposite.

Here endeth the lesson in natural theology.

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