Thursday, 27 September 2012


Hi everyone,

Blogging from my phone while failing to sleep for the nth time this week.

Exhilarating day - running a County Court matter. Expect we‘ll lose but will go down swinging.  Productive evening at office - actually doing ok.

Feeling a bit weighed down at the moment over the Joni situation. I just read a good piece by Whitney over at Sippy Cups and Pearls about sorting out issues with her husband, which often means asking: why do we see this differently? What part of how you were raised causes you to see this. Which rang a bell with me, inasmuch as one of Joni‘s preferred explanations for our differences was “the way you were brought up was (a) abnormal or (b) stupid“.

I guess what really sticks in my mind is a royal argument we had when I was late home from work for the girls‘ 1st birthday, the day after we‘d given them a 40-odd person birthday bbq in a park. Joni was livid, and me trying to explain that birthdays just weren‘t that huge a deal in my family just seemed to make things worse.

And as I think about this, it occurs to me how much she must - and must have - genuinely despised me.

There are a few other things, that it would take too long to set out properly, that counterbalance this, making me think she was right to go as she has done, and warranted in not telling me where she and the girls are. And all these conflicting streams of thought swirl in my stupid head, all in my annoying flat and stilted voice till I‘m sick of the sound of it.

Still blogging and getting it out, that‘s a plus.

Night everyone.


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