Thursday, 3 November 2011

Checking in

This is just a quick check-in post.  I should have been asleep an hour ago.  Damn my inability to organise myself in the evenings (or, judging from my office, at any other time)!  By way of short update, I saw S the psychologist last night and now have a certain amount of homework and a few other things to do.  She agreed that discussing medication with the GP might be a good idea, so I'll tee that up for when I next have some spare space in a day.  Happily my doc usually does early morning appts.

Today started somewhat badly, with me getting a serve from one of our neighbours about putting our excess rubbish in their (half-empty) wheely bin.  I appreciate why she was angry, but the problem is it's really hard to keep a straight face when you're being chewed out by a New Zealander (which our neighbour is).  Irate New Zealanders actually just sound cute, so it's like being berated by a super-pissed-off Teddy Ruxpin.  The piece-de-resistance was when, with her accent inflamed, she informed me that "a bugger rubbush bun only tykes a diposut of suxty dullas".  I thought it would be inflammatory to tell her that she was likely to be even more annoyed next week when there's a 20-foot shipping container parked outside our house, so I just assued her it wouldn't happen again.  Sure won't.  By the time the next recycling bin night comes around, Mrs T will be stateside and I'll be elsewhere in Melbourne.

The day didn't get a whole bunch better from there.  I have a hearing starting tomorrow, and our barrister dropped us on a transparently spurious basis.  I wouldn't have minded except she could have just declined the matter two months ago.  I now have another barrister briefed at very short notice in a fairly complex matter, which means I'll need to make a lot of the running myself tomorrow.  Great.  More work is just what I need at this juncture.  Gripe.

On the plus side, I got to have some swell daddy-daughter time this evening.  Mrs T had her work farewell tonight, and she planned to hit the bottle pretty hard, so she arranged to crash at the house of one of our friends tonight (which was a shame - she was wearing a smoking hot dress when she left this morning - Mmm hmm!).  So, I looked after the munchkins this evening and got them to bed and will get them underway tomorrow morning.  I do feel guilty still about Mrs T leaving her job.  I know it's what she wanted, but still, a sensation of guilt still hangs about my head and I can't seem to shake it.  I know I haven't in a true sense ruined her life...  I just wish I'd done better to give her the "happily ever after" she deserves so much.

OK, I need to get to bed pronto, or I'll be double-useless tomorrow.  Sleep time.

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