Sunday, 13 November 2011

Draft at the Doctors

I‘m starting this draft in my lunch hour and my GP‘s waiting room. It‘s been an extraordinary couple of days since I last posted.

The king-size biggy is that Mrs T and the munchkins are now in America. They had a good flight, and going from facebook they‘re settling in well


ok - now waiting for a tram back to the new place. I can confirm that our goods are arranged for shipping and the bill has been paid. Now i have a target for what to sock away while I‘m out here!

Oh yeah - The doctors. Well, I explained how the Pristiq was helping, but I was still more up and down than I like, so she‘s cranked the dose up which should even me out. She also recommebed I come back next week in case I crash after Mrs T‘s been away more than a few days.

The tramride to work is a question mark. I keep seeing things that make me think of Mrs T and the girls, and that makes me miss them. On the other hand, it keepd them close to my mind, so I guess overall it‘s a good thing.

Work is intense. I‘m a long way behind.  My boss has noticed.  Still, this should be  a quiet week, so if I crank up the output and do a couple of late nights I reckon I can master it. I can do it.

Ok. It‘s near my tramstop, so I‘ll post this now. Sorry it‘s a bit of a mess - it‘s been done on the hop.

Oh crap, i think i got on the wrong tram!


Ok, that‘s good to know: a number 86 tram goes to a different place than a number 96 tram. Noted.

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