Sunday, 13 December 2015

The ex, a car wash and a jacket

Hi everyone,

Forgive me if the formatting of this post is a little rough: I'm posting from my phone.  It's a very humid night and there's so many bugs about the only light I have on is the one in the next room to draw them in there.  The spiders in there will think it's Christmas!

Today got off to a rocky starts.  Facebook's "memories" function threw up a couple of photos of the ex, including one of us together.  I'm not gonna lie: that threw me.  I'd have a hard time explaining why, but it just rattled me for a big chunk of the day.

Rattled or not, I had to go to work and off I went.  I powered through the morning, getting a number of jobs done and pushing a couple of matters forward.  Feels good to be productive!

At 1:30pm I knocked off and came back to the farm to take the maternal unit to her physio appointment in town.  While she was in hospital I went up the road and gave the car a much needed wash at the Mr Magic Car Wash.

I had to smile at the way the instructions were in both English and Spanish: the equipment is all made by a company in Texas!

After the car had had a thorough soaping and waxing, I took it over and vacuumed it until I ran out of coins.  One of the downsides of living where I do is that inevitably your car gets to be full of dust.

I'm genuinely impressed with this carwash: it's clean and well organised and has everything one needs.  I approve!

As if to compensate for the Facebook matter this morning, today's post brought this: my jacket for the peer support program. This was a kind of a boost as the ex repeatedly complained that I was unstable and not-normal.  And now I'm a peer within my organisation. So who's crazy now???

Not much more to note.  I gave the dog a good long walk this evening, and late in the evening Dad got back from the property at Shoreham.  

Not much more to note.  I hope your days are going well!

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