Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Road Crash Rescue revision: Chapter Two "The Road Rescue Systems Approach"

Hi everyone,

[Explanation from the first post in this series] I’ve been posting questions on Facebook Notes to help both me and my friends prepare for our “Road Crash Rescue Operator” assessment.  It struck me that a lot of the questions would have essentially universal answers, and that it could be interesting to compare notes where the answers aren’t universal.  So, I’ll run a series of posts setting out the questions that I’ve prepared – after they’ve been up for a while I’ll put the questions in the comments.
The questions are all drawn from the Country Fire Authority / State Emergency Service’s Road Rescue Learning Manual (2nd Ed., Melbourne, 2008).
And now, today’s questions:

What are the steps in the road rescue systems approach as they relate to rescue teams?

What are the key elements of readiness and preparation?
What are the key considerations or factors to be addressed in making the accident scene safe?
What are the key elements of casualty extrication and removal?
What steps are required in concluding a rescue?

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