Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Loading a truck

Hi everyone,

Posting this from my phone.  It's been a tiring day.

I spent a big whack of the morning cleaning the turkey frying rig.  Thus meant lots of scrubbing at the soot and oil that were mixed on the pot and burner.  I got them as clean as I could, but my hands were black as pepper by the time I was finished.

Oldest Sister Economist and Nik got on the road for Canberra mid morning. Not long after, Dad, Former Bro in Law and I had a bit of lunch and then piled in the truck to go to Rushworth to pick up things from the shed there.

The trip over was a little hair-raising.  I was in the spare seat in the truck and had no seatbelt.  I was visualising possible road accidents that were likely to see me propelled through the window

Loading the drilling tools took plenty of muscle and manoeuvring.  It got more challenging the longer they were in the sun: I started wishing I'd worn my riggers gloves.

Loading took about 3 hours. We were back at the farm by about 6:30pm. I took the dog for a good long walk.

Not much more to note here.  Blood back appointment tomorrow which I'm looking forward to.

Hope your days are starting out well!

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