Monday, 28 December 2015

A cat in a tree

Hi everyone,

Follow-up post from yesterday.  The balance of the day went well and the pager did indeed stay quiet aside from a few administrative messages.

I forgot to say that Oldest Sister Economist's dog (Kushla) managed to terrorise Tom the Cat yesterday.  Usually when Kushla is here, Tom has a bit of a mental breakdown (picture Daniel in the lions' den, only utterly terrified).  He usually avoids Kushla altogether, but yesterday morning they met furry face to furry face on the verandah.  How did that story end?  It ended like this:


I saw him later in the day, so he definitely got down.

The day itself passed off quietly.  We watched an archaeology DVD through the day, and the dogs had a few walks.  In the late afternoon I headed out for a much needed run.  I'd intended to go about 10kms and wound up going about fourteen.


I was doing OK though and not particularly worn out by the end. I would have gone further, but I'd said I'd only be an hour or so.  I went back to the farm.  On the plus side, I should still have enough spring left in my legs for a gentle 10 kms this afternoon.

Today has been pretty quiet too.  I gave the dog a decent long walk, and cut some thistles and Bathurst burr as I went (they're starting to come through again). 

Not much more to note just now  (apart from that the old boy and Former Brother In Law got back just as I was finishing; the latter is in a sulky mood. Oh joy). 

Hopefully I'll have reason to type another post later today!

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