Saturday, 5 December 2015

Road Crash Rescue revision: Chapter Five "Vehicle Construction"

Hi everyone,

[Explanation from the first post in this series] I’ve been posting questions on Facebook Notes to help both me and my friends prepare for our “Road Crash Rescue Operator” assessment.  It struck me that a lot of the questions would have essentially universal answers, and that it could be interesting to compare notes where the answers aren’t universal.  So, I’ll run a series of posts setting out the questions that I’ve prepared – after they’ve been up for a while I’ll put the questions in the comments.

The questions are all drawn from the Country Fire Authority / State Emergency Service’s Road Rescue Learning Manual (2nd Ed., Melbourne, 2008).

And now, today’s questions:

What is the most common type of vehicle construction likely to be encountered by rescuers?

Why do mono-chassis vehicles require particular attention to stabilization?

Where in a vehicle are rescuers likely to encounter high strength metals?

What is the minimum safe distance from an undeployed airbag?

Where might a rescuer check for a ‘dump valve’ which will allow bus doors to be opened from the outside?

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