Sunday, 20 December 2015

A hot weekend

Hi everyone,
Another hot weekend here, although this one was particularly strong.  I think it's the first time since the weather warmed up that we've cracked 104°F/40°C.  It really didn't cool down all of Friday or Saturday nights.
We were under a total fire ban all of Saturday and Sunday, although surprisingly the Fire Ready app on my phone only dinged a few times, and for small fires only.  Which is just as well: You've probably seen on the news that there were large fires at Epping, Ballarat and Wodonga.  The firies had more than enough to be dealing with.

The task on both days was simply to keep cool, hydrated and indoors.  The most activity we managed was to get the truck ready for the old boy to take to the Peninsula yesterday (that is, he left yesterday and we readied the truck the truck on Saturday).  I made a point of giving the dog a number of walks where he could swim in one of the two dams that are still reasonably deep so he could fill his coat with water and cool off.

About 5pm yesterday the cool change blessedly rolled through and brought some very strong winds and a lot of cloud, but really no rain to speak of.  Rain would have been nice, but I understand it tended to fall more where the fires were.  I don't grudge it to them.

Despite all the wind, there was only one callout, to a job in Shepparton where there were sheets of iron flapping loose on the roof of a (possibly abandoned) house; the job was called in by the neighbor.  A couple of roof screws and that was that.

Today has been dead quiet at work: very little to do aside from pay a couple of bills and log a few incoming issues.  Truth is I've spent a large whack of the day catching up on my personal emails.  I've also been pondering a series of emergency response-themed blogposts; watch this space.

More later.  Hope all is well at your end.

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