Thursday, 31 December 2015

December: That's a wrap!

Hi everyone,
It's nearly 9pm.  It's just about a wrap for 2015.
It's been a frustrating couple of days here on the farm.  Yesterday the morning was spent unloading the drilling tools that we brought back from Rushworth the other day.  Maybe I'm getting cranky because of the heat, but I have an annoying feeling that most of these tools will never be used in reworking the wells on the place.  In which case, we've just gone to a lot of time and effort to bring back and set up yet another pile of rusty steel.
The day had its upswing when I went into Shepparton to the Blood Bank.  You know how much I love doing that.  I know it seems absurd to derive so much happiness from having a vein pierced and getting wired up to a machine, but there you go. 
My next donation is my hundredth, which I have oddly mixed feelings about.  I hope it can be done quietly.  I hate showboating.  Besides which, if they didn't supply such awesome cookies, there's no way they'd get me through the door!
This morning saw Michael and I up on the roof of the shearing shed, replacing loose nails (which was most of them) with screws.  We pushed on through the morning until midday, at which point it was far too hot to keep going.  I may have had a bit too much sun, because my eyes were starting to see in greyish tints, so it was good to get inside and rehydrate.
Everybody laid low in the afternoon, and I typed up my "year in review" post.  It didn't really cool down until about 7pm, at which time I took the dog for a walk and let him swim in the two dams that are still fairly healthy.  It's about the only way the poor fellow can cool down
Michael insisted on going back up on the roof to do some more repairs at about 8pm and then got stuck up there (he got up without working out how to get down).  He's now back indoors and a trifle cranky.  We're back up on the roof together tomorrow (happy new year to me!).
Not much more to report, although I'm looking forward to kicking off tomorrow with a run.  Definitely the way to get 2016 off to a blitzing start!
Happy new year good people!!

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